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Charcuterie Boards

Interested in ordering a custom charcuterie board for your next dinner or event? Here is the step-by-step instruction as to how to order one of our delicious creations!

How to Order

Here is a simple step by step as to how you can order a custom charcuterie board from La Fromagerie!

Step 1

Figure out how many people you would like to serve! A 2 person board is $49.99, and a $20 per person fee for any board bigger than that. (Tax not included)

Step 2

Prepare the date you would like to pick-up your board. We require at least one day to prepare your board!

Step 3

Once you have figured out what type of board you are looking for, give us a call at 519-897-6994 to complete your order. We do not take orders through email, since we want to ensure you get the perfect board for you!

Step 4

Make sure to come on time on the day you ordered to pick-up and pay for your specialized charcuterie board at that time! We make our boards fresh daily, therefore boards are available from noon until close for pickup. (No morning pickups)

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