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Our Story

Offering charcuterie since 2020

-   ABOUT US  -


La Fromagerie, founded in 2020 by Cindy Sellner, was created to help people just like her. When she was working as an interior decorator, she would love to give a final gift to her clients in the form of a charcuterie board or basket to christen their new home. Her biggest struggle, however, was finding a one-stop shop that had everything she needed. At that moment, La Fromagerie was born.

La Fromagerie houses over 100 different kinds of cheese, and a multitude of spreads, crackers, accoutrements, and more! With the selection changing weekly, there is always something for everyone. We strive for excellent products as well as experience, with our staff being highly personable and expertly trained in our selections. Needing help curating a board, or finding a new cheese to try? We're here to help!

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